Arch Diagram

Recording & transcoding Engine


  • Runs mythtv back end
  • Runs all transcoding jobs.
  • Creates “.nfo” files for use b XBMC

Configuration information

  • Intel E8400, 2GB RAM, MSI mobo
  • Knoppmyth R5.5
  • 1 disk drive, using under 25GB.
  • 2 digital tuners
  • Firewire connection to cable box (Motorola DCT-6200)
  • Gigabit networking
  • Powers down when not needed to record or transcode.

Power consumtion

  • Idle: 55 watts
  • Busy: Peaks at 80 watts
  • Hourly average: 21 watts

Front end


  • Plays recordings, music, photos, etc.
  • Watch TV using Hulu
  • Remote controlled, "appliance" experience

Configuration information

  • Asus Revo R1600 (Atom processor, ION LE graphics)
  • Windows XP
  • XBMC & “DSplayer” for hardware assisted playback in XBMC. All recordings read from the Storage platform – does not need the recording engine to play back shows.
  • Hulu desktop & Flash beta 10.1 for hardware assisted playback.
  • Eventghost for remote control
  • Powers down when no one is watching any shows.

Power consumtion

  • 20-25 watts when on
  • 0 when suspended
  • Hourly average: 2.5 watts

Storage Platform

Provides all storage for recordings, photos, music, etc.

Hardware configuration

  • Dlink DNS-321 NAS
  • 2 “green” drives for a total of 3.5TB of storage.
  • Connected to the same gigabit switch that the recording engine is connected to.

Configuration information

  • EXT2 file system on both drives. EXT3 is supported by the NAS, but is much slower.
  • Exports shares via CIFS/Samba.
  • Drives spin down 15 minutes after inactivity.


  • Confirmed to handle 4 hidef streams recording while 1 hidef stream is playing.

Power consumption

  • Drives spun down: 8 watts
  • Drives spinning: 15 watts
  • Hourly average over a 5 day period: 11.2 watts